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ECWA November 17, 2001 - Weirton, WV

ECWA November 17, 2001 - Weirton, WV
ECWA November 17, 2001 - Weirton, WV

East Coast Wrestling Alliance - November 17, 2001 - Weirton, WV
1. Slayer & Crazy Bob vs Sexual Harassment (JT Rogers & Eric Xtasy)
2. Chi Chi Cruz vs The Prophet
3. Troy Lords & Kid Sensation vs Kid Trance & Donnie Bon Jovi
4. Tarzan Taylor w/ Miss Kara vs "Brutal" Bob Evans
5. Supreme Lee Great vs Freak of Nature vs The Protege
6. Station House (Michael Firehouse & Rescue) w/ JJ Hott vs Malakei & Zachary Springate III
7. JT Lightning & Josh Prohibition vs MDog20 & Adam Cage
8. The S.A.T. (Jose & Joel Maximo, Quiet Storm & RED) vs Chris Hamrick, Donnie B & The Backseat Boyz - Falls Count Anywhere West Virginia Street Fight - (this is one of the funniest matches I have ever seen. Must see as its definitely the funniest indy match of the year)
9. Matt Vandal w/ Dylan Dean vs Jimmy Vega$ w/ Big Playa vs "Bad Boy" Brian Anthony

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