FWA TV Episodes 1 - 5


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FWA TV Episodes 1 - 5

FWA - FWA TV Episodes 1 - 5
Episode 1
FWA Highlights including an FWA Title History Video, a high flying music video and a hard hitting action music video

Episode 2
Qenaan Creed vs Mark "the Shark" Shrader
Tommy Idol vs Ramblin Rich Myers

Episode 3
Family of Freaks (Adam Flash & Doomsday Danny Rose) vs Twiggy Ramirez & Soda Pop Ronnie Zukko
Marshal Law vs High Voltage

Episode 4
Low-Ki & Don Montoya vs Monsta Mack & Mace Mendoza - Tables and Ladders Match

Episode 5
Dino Divine vs Homicide
Jake Daniels vs Mike Quackenbush
Colleen vs Candie

All episodes also include interviews. All matches taped September 9, 2000