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FWA October 2, 1999 - Palo Alto, PA

FWA October 2, 1999 - Palo Alto, PA
FWA October 2, 1999 - Palo Alto, PA

FWA - October 2, 1999 - Palo Alto, PA
1. Sex Idols (Tommy Idol & Qenaan Creed) vs Family of Freaks (Adam Flash & Doomsday Danny Rose) vs Intimidators (Mark Mest & Maxx Crimson) vs Fin Twins (Mark Shrader & Gregory Martin) w/ Gabriella Leigh - 4 Way Dance for vacant FWA Tag Team Titles
2. Nick Berk vs Mongoose
3. Dino Divine vs Max Havoc
4. Reckless Youth & Don Montoya vs Mike Quackenbush & Flash Wheeler
5. Johnny Greco vs Cremator
6. Mike Quackenbush (champ) vs Low-Ki & Fly Daddy Jardi Frantz - FWA Title Match
7. Saboth, Dan Moreland & Jake Daniels vs Chef D.Z Gillepsie, High Voltage & R.C - Ultimate Jeopardy Match

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