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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Jeff Cannonball in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Jeff Cannonball in H20" (Download)
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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Jeff Cannonball in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling Career Retrospective Interviews Series & Best of w/ Jeff Cannonball  

"If one person we're to describe H2o Wrestling it's JEFF CANNONBALL! Some have called him the "Gate-Keeper" of this company. The world's loyalty and dedication come to mind when you think of Jeff & his tenure with the Hardcore Hustle Organization. The former (2x) H2O Champion has been on almost every H2O event. He was the first match on the debut H2O LIVE event back in June of 2016. No-one has had more matches in H2O then Jeff as-well. He for the last year has been dominating the H2O Tag Team Division as 1/2 of the "Lone Rangers" w/ partner in crime Mitch Vallen. This installment of the H2O Career Retrospective Interview Series you will get a deep dive into Jeff's career in and outside of H2O in a near 4 Hour Sit Down Interview. Disc 2 of this set will feature (12) of Cannonball's favorite and most memorable matches he has had in H2O!" 
1. Interview
2. vs. Devon Moore | Hardcore Kingdom #1 (2/17/17) 
3. vs. Terra Calaway | Brutality (8/12/17) 
4. vs. Shane Douglas (H2o Championship) | Blood Money (10/20/17) 
5. vs. Bam Sullivan | Subterranean Violence Vol #1 (11/26/17) 
6. vs. Dan O'Hare | (H2o Title Match) | 305 Hoss (12/8/17) 
7. vs. Steve Mack (H2o Title Match) | Sweet Dreams (4/6/18) 
8. vs. Alex Colon (H2o Title Match) | Hustlemania (6/8/18) 
9. vs. Ron Mathis vs Alex Colon | Destruction in Dayton (7/20/18) 
10. vs. Logan Black | Subterranean Violence Vol # 3 (8/19/18) 
11. w/ Terra Calaway vs. Shlak & Maria Manic | Deathmatch Extravaganza (10/20/18) 
12. vs. Sage Sin (Deathmatch) | Hardcore Halloween (10/31/18) 
13. w/ Mitch Vallen vs. The Batiri (H2o tag Titles) | Merry F'N Christmas (12/21/19) 

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