H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Mitch Vallen in H20" (Download)


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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Mitch Vallen in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling Career Retrospective Interviews Series & Best of w/ Mitch Vallen  

"What can you say about Mitch Vallen?. Passion is what you can say about this H2O fan favorite. While he is a relative newcomer to the wrestling business, he has made a name for himself since debuting at H2O in July 2018. Since then he has gone on to win the Hardcore Kingdom 3 Tournament, with Jeff Cannonball they formed "The Lone Rangers" Tag Team and have dominated the tag team division. This DVD/Digital Download features a near 2 hour sit down interview w/ Mitch has he discusses his career thus far & 12 of his favorite matches he handpicked in H2O Wrestling.
1. Sit Down Interview
2. Mitch vs Matt Tremont | Opening Day (7/7/18) 
3. Mitch vs Lowlife Louie | Written In Blood (9/14/18) 
4. Mitch Vallen vs Jeff Cannonball | Bloody Burgers (11/30/18) 
5. Mitch Vallen vs Stockade | Subterranean Violence Vol #4 (1/27/19) 
6. Mitch vs Lowlife Louie vs Jimmy Lyon | Hardcore Kingdom 3 (3/9/19) 
7. Mitch vs Aiden Baal vs Jeff Cannonball vs Bam Sullivan | HK3 Finals (3/9/19) 
8. Mitch / Cannonball vs Dale Patricks/Marcus Crane | Sub V (5/18/19) 
9. Mitch vs Kit Osbourne vs Dan O'Hare | King of the No Ring (8/31/19) 
10. Mitch/Cannonball vs Marc Angel/Jimmy Lyon | Hustlemania (9/28/19) 
11. Mitch Vallen vs Devon Moore | Mystery,Violence,Theater (10/5/19) 
12. Mitch/Cannonball vs Casanova Valentine/Lowlife Louie | DM2 (11/16/19) 
13. Mitch/Cannonball vs The Batiri (12/21/19)