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H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Stockcade in H20"

H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Stockcade in H20"
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H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Stockcade in H20"
H2O Wrestling Career Retrospective Interview Series & Best of Match Compilation in H20 w/ STOCKADE! 
For nearly 2 1/2 hours the "Deathmatch Asguardian" Stockade spoke his career from the beginning to current time in early 2020. Hear stories from the road, behind the scenes about his wars against the likes of Matt Tremont, G-Raver, & Jeff Cannonball. The former H20 Champion & reigning Hardcore Kingdom Winner doesn't hold back in this open and honest interview. If your a Stockade fan this is a must have to add to your collection" 
1. Stockade vs Danny Havoc | Hardcore Kingdom (2/17/17) 
2. Stockade vs Kevin Sullivan | 1 Year Anniversary (6/9/17) 
3. Stockade vs Danny Havoc vs Dan O'Hare | Brutality (8/12/17) 
4. Stockade vs Aiden Baal | Subterranean 1 | (11/26/17) 
5. Stockade vs G-Raver | Subterranean 1 (11/26/17) 
6. Stockade, G-Raver & Mikey Whipwreck vs The Extricated | Hustlemania (6/8/18) 
7. Stockade & G-Raver vs The Hooligans | Destruction In Dayton (7/20/18) 
8. Stockade vs Amy Lee | Opportunity Knocks (9/30/18) 
9. Stockade vs G-Raver | Hardcore Kingdom 3 (3/9/19) 
10. Stockade vs Chuck Payne | 2 Tuff 2 Quit (4/26/19)
11. Stockade vs G-Raver | HUSTLEPALOOZA (7/20/19) 
12. Stockade vs Mason Martin | Mystery,Violence, Theater (10/5/19) 

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