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HWA DVD April 27, 2014 "Made For TV" - Middletown, OH

HWA DVD April 27, 2014 "Made For TV" - Middletown, OH
HWA DVD April 27, 2014 "Made For TV" - Middletown, OH

1. Devon Nos vs. Sid Fabulous
2. Lady Victoria & Mike Hayes vs. Rush Wrestling Enterprises (Dash Venture Sullivan & Fantasia)
3. Jake Omen vs. TD Thomas
4. NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Chase Owens(c) vs. Tarek the Great
5. The Bama Boys (John Wayne Murdoch & Josh Crow) vs. The Hollywood Compound (Dustin Rayz & Jerry Andrews)
6. AJ Styles vs. Jamin Olivencia
7. JT Stahr vs. Orlando Christopher
8. HWA Heritage Championship: Brutal Bellman vs. Jay West vs. Jeff Halloway vs. Phantasy
9. BJ Whitmer vs. Jason Kincaid
10. HWA Heavyweight Championship: Apollo Starr vs. Chance Prophet(c) vs. Dru Skillz

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