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HWA DVD "Attack of the Gimmick Matches: Volume 1"

HWA DVD "Attack of the Gimmick Matches: Volume 1"
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HWA DVD "Attack of the Gimmick Matches: Volume 1"

HWA DVD "Attack Of The Gimmick Matches" - Vol. 1

1. TLC Match: Irish Airborne vs. HWA Icons vs. Black Militia vs. A+ Squad

2. Iron Man Match: BJ Whitmer vs. Matt Stryker

3. Hardcore Match: Ben Kimera vs. Dustin Lee

4. Leather, Whips & Chains: Nevaeh vs. Heather Owens

5. Parking Lot Brawl: Tack vs. Dr. Bones

6. 2 Ring, 60 Man Battle Royal

7. Lumberjack Match: Karl Anderson vs. Cody Hawk

8. Ladder Match: Irish Airborne vs. Mavericks

9. Steel Cage Match: Jon Moxley vs. Cody Hawk

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