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Ian Rotten "My Bloody Best" DVD

Ian Rotten
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Ian Rotten "My Bloody Best" DVD
Ian Rotten "My Bloody Best" DVD

SMV recently asked Ian Rotten to select some of his hardcore favorite matches in the SMV catalog for a compilation DVD. Ian selected eleven matches spanning the last 10 years of his career.

1. Ian Rotten vs. Kip Morris IWA-MS April 17, 1997 "April Bloodshowers 1997"

2. Ian Rotten vs. Corporal Robinson MAW April 24, 1999

3. Ian Rotten vs. Peter B. Beautiful IWA-MS June 1, 2001 "2001 King
Of The Death Matches"

4. Ian Rotten vs. Nick Mondo IWA-MS June 2, 2001 "2001 King Of The
Death Matches"

5. Ian Rotten vs. CM Punk "Texas Death Match" MAW September 2, 2001

6. Ian Rotten vs. Necro Butcher vs. Cash Flo IWA-MS October 5, 2002
"6th Anniversary Show"

7. Ian Rotten vs. Nick Gage CZW July 26, 2003 "Tournament Of Death 2"

8. Ian Rotten vs. JC Bailey IWA-MS January 16, 2004 "Matter of Pride"

9. Ian Rotten vs. Sabu IWA-MS June 18, 2005 "A New Beginning"

10. Ian Rotten vs. Mickie Knuckles IWA-DS November 26, 2006 "2006 Carnage Cup"

11. Ian Rotten vs. Freakshow IWA-MS July 21, 2007 "Bad Blood Rising"

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