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IPW DVD "Behind the Insanity- Pure Dynamite: The Billy Roc Story"

IPW DVD "Behind the Insanity- Pure Dynamite: The Billy Roc Story"
IPW DVD "Behind the Insanity- Pure Dynamite: The Billy Roc Story"

IPW DVD "Behind the Insanity - Pure Dynamite: The Billy Roc Story"

This is a 3 disc set that takes in-depth look into the life and career of Billy Roc. How does a man with average size, strength, and speed rise above? Fighting spirit.

Often considered too small to be a marketable star, Billy Roc fought against the grain for the chance to prove himself to doubting promoters. But Billy’s tenacious sense of self-worth and his confidence in his abilities landed him the chance of a lifetime, one his promoters would not regret.

This DVD chronicles Billy Roc's story through the ranks of Insanity Pro Wrestling to hold numerous championships, a feat that only took him three years.

Billy Roc is a former Mid-American Champion, a former Jr-Heavyweight Champion, and the winner of the 2007 Super Jr-Heavyweight Tournament.

In this DVD, Billy takes you through some of his greatest matches, and his most memorable opponents -- men like: Jake Crist, Mike Quackenbush, Jon Moxley, Scotty Vortekz, Josh Abercrombie aka Josh Raymond, Hex Gage, Ricochet, Shiima Xion, Sami Callihan and Davey Richards, in his retirement from active competition.

Finally, hear Billy talk about how his school -- The School of Roc -- is doing and what he thinks of training up-and-coming wrestlers.

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