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IWA Deep South DVD November 25, 2006 "Carnage Cup" - Cullman, AL

IWA Deep South DVD November 25, 2006 "Carnage Cup" - Cullman, AL
IWA Deep South DVD November 25, 2006 "Carnage Cup" - Cullman, AL

IWA-DS DVD Nov. 25, 2006 "Carnage Cup" - Cullman, AL
IWA Deep South presented their second annual death match tournament, the first as "The Carnage Cup". 13 of the craziest death match wrestlers competed in 12 huge death matches including the first razor wire death match...the first barefoot thumbtack match involving a woman (and damn did she go all out in this one)...a very hard hitting taipei death match, and well, all the matches seemed to include lots of hard hitting to go along with the tons of weapons and glass and lighttubes used. All 13 competitors really stepped it up a notch and went all out in this one. The tournament featured some very familiar names to death match fans, but the local Alabama guys like Insane Lane and Freakshow really stepped up huge in this and will turn a lot of heads. This is a must see show for all death match fans. Highly recommended. Taped by SMV with 4 cameras and commentary by Smooth Plezing and The Reverend.
1. Contraband Promos
2. Music Video
3. Razor Wire Dath Match - Insane Lane vs. Ric Hayes
4. Unlucky 13 Lighttube Death Match - Mitch Page vs. Necro Butcher
5. Homewrecker Death Match - Dysfunction vs. The Freaksow
6. Barefoot Thumbtack Death Match - Mickie Knuckles vs. Ian Rotten
7. Hardcore Tables & Ladders - Diehard Dustin Lee vs. Drake Younger
8. Lighttube Ropes & Lighttube Corners - Bull Pain vs. Corporal Robinson
9. Chuey Martinez & Don Juan vs. Hugh Rogue & Dave The Rave
10. Cabana Man Dan vs. Chrisjen Hayme
11. Fans Bring The Weapons Second Chance Rumble
12. 2 out of 3 Log Cabin Lighttubes - Drake Younger vs. Ian Rotten
13. Taipei Death Match - The Freakshow vs. Necro Butcher
14. 4 Corners Of Carnage - Corporal Robinson vs. Tank
15. Home Run Derby Death Match - Bull Pain vs. Insane Lane
16. 200 Lighttube Death Match - Necro Butcher vs. Insane Lane vs. Drake Younger vs. Corporal Robinson

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