IWA Mid-South "Best of Vol. 4"


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IWA Mid-South "Best of Vol. 4"

IWA Mid-South - Best of IWA Mid-South Volume 4
This 4 hour tape covers many great moments from IWA, featuring great technical wrestling as well as hardcore wrestling. Also on this tape is something that was never before released on video. See what happens when a fan gets in the ring and goes after Cash Flo...basically he gets the S+#t beaten out of him by the locker room, proving why fans should never jump in the ring. This is some must see footage.

1. The Cash Flo vs the fan incident talked about above - 9/7/01
2. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero vs CM Punk - 3/1/02
3. Necro Butcher vs Mean Mitch Page - 5/26/01
4. Ian Rotten vs Cash Flo vs Chris Hero - 11/24/01
5. Jerry Lynn vs Suicide Kid - 2/17/01
6. Tracy Smothers causing a riot at the new IWA Arena - 6/15/02
7. Mad Man Pondo vs Delilah Starr vs 2 Tuff Tony - 3/4/00
8. CM Punk vs Colt Cabana - 2 out of 3 falls - 9/1/01
9. Ian Rotten vs Tarek the Great - 10/4/02
10. "Sick" Nick Mondo vs Cash Flo - Fans Bring the Weapons - 6/1/01
11. Reckless Youth vs BJ Whitmer - 5/12/01
12. Steve Corino vs Chip Fairway - 7/7/01