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IWA Mid-South November 28, 2002 "Bloodfeast '02" - Clarksville, IN

IWA Mid-South November 28, 2002 "Bloodfeast '02" - Clarksville, IN
IWA Mid-South November 28, 2002 "Bloodfeast '02" - Clarksville, IN

IWA Mid-South - November 28, 2002 - Clarksville, IN "Bloodfeast 2002"
This show was shot by SMV and includes commentary. This is IWAs big annual Thanksgiving night show and they tore the house down (literally) with a great show. A few highlights include a great, very stiff match between Ace Steel and Stan Dupp....a wild and very bloody Texas Tornado tag match that went all over the building....a great title match...a wild fans bring the weapons main event....and to top it all off...after the main event, all hell broke loose. Ian Rotten and Bull Pain brawled from in the dressing room...right through the wall and destroyed the dressing room and the whole arena in the process. The BMFs and Ian and Mark Wolf basically went at it all over the building with the everyone else trying to seperate them...this was the wildest thing I have ever of No Blood No Guts 2002 that remember the Tracy Smothers riot, this makes that look tame by was like being in the middle of a riot. Must be seen. Overall a great show once again from IWA. Shot with 2 cameras with commentary.

1. Chuck E. Smooth vs Rollin Hard
2. Ace Steel vs Stan Dupp
3. Danny Daniels (champ) vs Tarek the Great - IWA Light Heavyweight Title Match - Stretcher Match
4. CM Punk vs Matt Stryker w/ Hailey vs Matt Murphy - # 1 Contenders Match
5. Chris Hero vs Adam Gooch - First Blood Match
6. Ian Rotten & Mark Wolf vs Corporal Robinson & Mitch Ryder w/ Bull Pain - Texas Tornado Tag Match (wild)
7. BJ Whitmer (champ) vs Colt Cabana - IWA Heavyweight Title Match
8. Necro Butcher & ODD vs Rollin Hard & Mad Man Pondo - Fans Bring the Weapons
++ after this match is the wild, out of control brawl that must be seen++

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