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IWA Mid-South May 6, 2005 "Dedication" - Midlothian, IL

IWA Mid-South May 6, 2005 "Dedication" - Midlothian, IL
IWA Mid-South May 6, 2005 "Dedication" - Midlothian, IL

IWA-MS May 6, 2005 "Dedication" - Midlothian, IL
IWA returned to Midlo with a great show from top to bottom that started with some heartfelt words from CM Punk about the late, great Chris Candido. The main event of Punk vs Delirious is just fantastic stuff. Other highlights include Jimmy Jacobs battling Josh Abercrombie....a wild all over the building texas tornado 3 way tag match and then the wild all over Midlothian tag match that followed including all 4 men outside brawling all over a playground...Matt Sydal vs the up and coming Tyler Black in a great match and much more. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Dave Prazak, CM Punk and Trik Davis.
1. Battle Royal
2. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Josh Abercrombie
3. Matt Sydal vs. Tyler Black
4. Marco "Stylz" Cordova vs. Chandler McClure
5. 3 Way Texas Tornado Tag Match -The Iron Saints vs. Eric Priest & Silas Young vs. Marek Brave & Brandon Thomaselli
6. The Iron Saints vs. Ryan Boz & Trik Davis
7. Danny Daniels vs. Fast Eddie Vegas
8. Tracy Smothers vs. Chad Collyer vs. Billy Gunn
9. Delirious vs. CM Punk

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