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IWA Mid-South DVD August 6, 2005 "Lethal Lottery" - Hammond, IN

IWA Mid-South DVD August 6, 2005 "Lethal Lottery" - Hammond, IN
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IWA Mid-South DVD August 6, 2005 "Lethal Lottery" - Hammond, IN

IWA Mid-South DVD Aug. 6, 2005 "Lethal Lottery" - Hammond, IN
The concept for this show was the names of all the wrestlers were thrown in a hat and one fan would draw a name and then another would draw another name and those 2 men would immediately come to the ring and have a match. It was a unique concept that came up with some interesting matchups including a fantastic match between Sal Thomaselli and Josh Abercrombie. Then at the end of the night, there was a battle royal with all the winners and the winner of that will receive a title shot against Jimmy Jacobs at night 2 of the TPI. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Nate Webb and Ben Jordan. Also featured on this DVD is 3 bonus matches from 7/9/05 and feature commentary from Dave Prazak.
1. Jayson Reign vs CJ Otis
2. Mickie Knuckles vs Brandon Thomaselli vs Darin Corbin
3. Eric Priest & Chandler McClure vs Ryan Boz & Trik Davis
4. Josh Abercrombie vs Sal Thomaselli
5. Vito Thomaselli vs Orlando Colon
6. Matt Sydal vs JT Starr
7. Arik Cannon vs Ryan Cruz vs Chad Collyer
8. Delirious vs Ian Rotten
9. Battle Royal
10. Bonus Match - 7/9/05 Mickie Knuckles vs. Shelirious
11. Bonus Match - 7/9/05 Tyler Black vs. Lotus
12. Bonus Match 7/9/05 Matt Sydal vs. Josh Abercrombie

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