IWA Mid-South DVD October 21, 2004 "Autumn Armageddon" - Evansville, IN


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IWA Mid-South DVD October 21, 2004 "Autumn Armageddon" - Evansville, IN

IWA Mid-South DVD Oct. 21, 2004 "Autumn Armegeddon" Evansville, IN

IWAs return to Evansville featured a phenomenal 4 way main event that must be seen. Other highlights include a fantastic womens match...Arik Cannon vs Autin Aries in a great match that unfortunately left Cannon with a broken collarbone....Super Dragon vs BJ Whitmer in a hard hitting match and much more in a great show from top to bottom. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Dave Prazak, CM Punk, Ace Steel, Arik Cannon and others.

1. "Spyder" Nate Webb vs Ryan Boz vs Davey Andrews
2. Nigel McGuinness vs Chad Collyer
3. Ace Steel & Chad Collyer vs Nigel McGuinness & Roderick Strong
4. CM Punk vs Alex Shelley
5. MsChif vs Mercedes Martinez
6. The Wild Cards vs Delirious & Claudio Castagnoli vs Anthony Franco & Evan Starsmore
7. Chris Candido vs Danny Daniels
8. Matt Turner vs Shane Hagadorn
9. Samoa Joe vs Abyss
10. Super Dragon vs BJ Whitmer
11. Arik Cannon vs Austin Aries
12. Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams vs AJ Styles