IWA Mid-South DVD July 2, 2005 "No Blood, No Guts, No Glory '05" - Valparaiso, IN

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IWA Mid-South DVD July 2, 2005 "No Blood, No Guts, No Glory '05" - Valparaiso, IN



IWA Mid-South DVD "No Blood No Guts No Glory 2005" July 2, 2005 Valparaiso, IN

WARGAMES!!!! IWA held their first ever wargames match (2 rings surrounded by a steel cage) featuring 3 teams of 5 men each as they battled for ownership of the IWA. Other highlights include the final IWA appearance of CM Punk as he battled Delirious in their IWA rubber match this time with a 60 minute time limit as they each had one win in their 2 previous IWA encounters. Also on the show Jimmy Jacobs defending the IWA title against Matt Sydal...a fantastic fast paced, high flying incredible 3 way match for the junior heavyweight title as Josh Abercrombie defended against Marek Brave and Tyler Black....a 3 way to determine which team would get the advantage in Wargames as it was Tank vs Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston and much, much more. Great show top to bottom, highly recommended. Also includes some backstage interviews and footage of the Fannin family riding in their limo before the show. Taped by SMV with 4 cameras and commentary by Dave Prazak, Trik Davis and Danny Daniels. As a bonus, in honor of it being CM Punks last IWA match, there is a 40 minute highlight reel on CM Punk and all he has done in the IWA with highlights of many of his important matches throughout the years as well as a match against Suicide Kid from Bloodfeast 2000 with new commentary from Prazak and Chris Hero
1. Opening Music Video
2. Pre-Show footage including Fannin family in limo
3. Claudio Castagnoli vs TJ Dalton
4. Rain vs Daizee Haze vs Mickie Knuckles
5. Danny Daniels vs Conrad Kennedy III
6. Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston vs Tank
7. Josh Abercrombie vs Marek Brave vs Tyler Black
8. CM Punk vs Delirious
9. Pomp & Circumstance vs Brad Bradley & Trik Davis
10. Jimmy Jacobs vs Matt Sydal
11. WARGAMES: Team IWA (Chris Hero, Corporal Robinson, Bull Pain, Ian & Axl Rotten) vs Team NWA (Tank, Eric Priest, Chandler McClure, Sal & Vito Thomaselli) vs The Fannin Family (Eddie Kingston, BJ Whitmer, Mark Wolf, Steve Stone & JC Bailey) - 3 men (one from each team) start and every minute one new man enters until all 15 men are in the match...at that point its submission or surrender only
12. Bonus: A look at CM Punks IWA career (40 minutes)
13. Bonus Match: CM Punk vs Suicide Kid from 2000