IWA Mid-South DVD September 29 & 30, 2006 "2006 Ted Petty Invitational" - Midlothian, IL

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IWA Mid-South DVD September 29 & 30, 2006 "2006 Ted Petty Invitational" - Midlothian, IL

IWA Mid-South DVD Sept. 29 & 30, 2006 "2006 Ted Petty Invitational" - Midlothian, IL
IWAメs biggest show of the year delivered big time. This tournament of 24 of the top wrestlers in the world which takes place over 2 days has traditionally been called the show of the year in IWA and I think this one is no exception. Great stuff both nights including some dream matches like Low-Ki taking on Davey Richards in a fantastic, hard hitting encounter...Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli just tearing the house down with a fantastic must see match that had the crowd going crazy...the first ever one on one meeting of Chris Hero and Roderick Strong and just so much more. Tournament was great from top to bottom with everyone busting their asses to try and take home the win. There were also a few non-tournament matches on night 2 including the culmination of a year long feud between Josh Abercrombie and Tyler Black as they battled in a loser leaves match. For those fans of the lighter side of wrestling, the comedy side if you will, there was a 6 team gauntlet match that had the crowd roaring with laughter at parts. Just a fantastic 2 nights of wrestling that any wrestling fan will love. Taped by SMV with 3 cameras and commentary by Mike Quackenbush, Ben Jordan, Darin Corbin, Eddie Kingston, Brandon Thomaselli and more.
Night 1 - September 29, 2006 - Midlothian, IL
First Round:
1. M-Dogg 20 vs. Ricochet
2. Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush
3. Chris Hero vs. Ricky Reyes
4. Scorpio Sky vs. Hallowicked
5. Erick Stevens vs. Trik Davis
6. Chris Bosh vs. El Generico
7. Jigsaw vs. Davey Richards
8. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Roderick Strong
9. Kevin Steen vs. Claudio Castagnoli
10. Low-Ki vs. Gran Akuma
11. Scott Lost vs. Delirious
12. Arik Cannon vs. B-Boy

Night 2 - September 30, 2006 - Midlothian, IL
2nd Round:
1. M-Dogg 20 vs. El Generico
2. Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli
3. Davey Richards vs. Low-Ki
4. Chris Hero vs. Trik Davis
5 Hallowicked vs. Arik Cannon
6. Delirious vs. Roderick Strong
7. Iron Saints vs. Tarek the Great & American Kickboxer
8. Iron Saints vs. BlkOut
9. 6 Team Gauntlet Battle Royal
10. Arik Cannon vs. Claudio Castagnoli
11. Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong
12. El Generico vs. Low-Ki
13. Loser Leaves IWA: Tyler Black vs. Josh Abercrombie
14. Toby Klein vs. Chuck Taylor
15. Roderick Strong vs. Arik Cannon vs. Low-Ki