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IWA Mid-South DVD August 11, 2001 "Hardcore Hell & Back '01" - Charlestown, IN

IWA Mid-South DVD August 11, 2001 "Hardcore Hell & Back '01" - Charlestown, IN
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IWA Mid-South DVD August 11, 2001 "Hardcore Hell & Back '01" - Charlestown, IN

IWA Mid-South DVD "Hardcore Hell & Back 2001" August 11, 2001 - Charlestown, IN
This show has been re-mastered for DVD release, the show was shot with two cameras and includes commentary.

1. Kevin Northcutt vs. Ricky Murdoch

2. Cash Flo vs. Rollin Hard vs. Dysfunction

3. Mark Wolf vs. Mitch Ryder - Street Fight

4. Too Cold Scorpio, Suicide Kid, Colt Cabana & Ian Rotten vs. CM Punk, Chris Hero, Ace Steel & Danny Dominion - 8 Man Elimination Match (great match, lasts nearly one hour...must see)

5. "Rugby Thug" Trent Baker vs. THE ROAD DOGG

6. Mike Barton vs. Adrian Serrano - Brawl for It All Style Match

7. Terik the Great vs. American Kickboxer

8. Axl Rotten vs. Bull Pain (Bloodbath....blood is squirting out of Axls head....really sick)

9. Balls Mahoney vs. Necro Butcher - Barbed Wire Bat, Thumbtacks & Fans Bring the Weapons Match

10. Corporal Robinson vs. Mean Mitch Page - No Ropes, 2 Sides of the Ring with Barbed Wire....the other 2 have pits, one filled with lit cigarettes and the other filled with HOT COALS....crazy stuff....before the match, fans were roasting marshmallows over the coals)

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