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IWA Mid-South DVD July 19, 1997 "Extreme Heaven" - Louisville, KY

IWA Mid-South DVD July 19, 1997 "Extreme Heaven" - Louisville, KY
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IWA Mid-South DVD July 19, 1997 "Extreme Heaven" - Louisville, KY

IWA-MS DVD July 19, 1997 "Extreme Heaven" - Louisville, KY

The invasion of NWA New Jersey begins as Dennis Coraluzzo and his disciples wage war on Ian Rotten and IWA Mid-South! For the first time ever this show is released with two cameras, digitally re-mastered using the original camera masters.

1. Dennis Coraluzzo Interview

2. Billy Reil Vs. American Kickboxer

3. Tyrin Vs. Tarek the Great Vs. American Kickboxer

4. Tower of Doom Vs. Derek Domino

5. Debbie Combs Vs. Robbie Rage

6. Phoenix Vs. Rollin' Hard

7. Salvatore Sincere Vs. Blaze

8. Twiggy Ramirez Vs. Lost Boy Wolf

9. Tom Burton Vs. Security Guard Mike (Cash Flo)

10. Marty Jannetty Vs. Harley Lewis

11. Lady Vendetta Vs. Candi Devine - Thumbtack Death Match

12. The War Machines Vs. Mad Man Pondo & Ox Harley

13. Buddy Landel Vs. Tommy Gilbert

14. Ian Rotten Vs. Bull Pain - Barbed Wire Cage Match

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