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IWA Mid-South March 12, 2015 "Lethal Lottery" - Clarksville, IN (Download)

IWA Mid-South March 12, 2015 "Lethal Lottery" - Clarksville, IN (Download)
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IWA Mid-South March 12, 2015 "Lethal Lottery" - Clarksville, IN (Download)

1. Littlest Viking vs. Shane Smalls
2. Chip Day & Frank Wyatt vs. Mikey McFinnegan & Reed Bentley
3. Corporal Robinson vs. Dale Patricks vs. JC Rotten vs. Jonathan Gresham
4. Two out of Three Falls: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Joseph Schwartz
5. The American Viking, Brett Ising & Joe Heiken vs. Hy-Zaya, Jordan Whitaker & Zodiak
6. The Medic vs. Kerry Awful vs. ThunderKitty
7. The Black Baron vs. Lee Byford
8. Lethal Lottery Battle Royal
9. IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship: Kongo Kong(c) vs. Shane Mercer

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