IWA Mid-South July 4, 2003 "We Are Family" - Clarksville, IN


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IWA Mid-South July 4, 2003 "We Are Family" - Clarksville, IN

IWA Mid-South - July 4, 2003 - Clarksville, IN "We Are Family"
- This 2 tape set was filmed by MSV and costs $20 runs 6 1/2 hours and features IWAs wrestling marathon which was a 6 and a half hour straight wrestling benefit show for PJ Miller (son of former wrestler Delilah Starr who needs a kidney transplant).
The show features 25 matches and features many of IWAs biggest stars wrestling several times along with several new wrestlers trying to impress IWA and get a job there. Some highlights include Ian Rotten and Corporal Robinson in an extremely bloody fans bring the weapons match in which Ian got a big chunk taken out of his arm (there is bonus backstage footage of Ian getting his wounds superglued...sick!!)....Chris Hero and Alex Shelley vs Jimmy Jacobs and Danny Daniels in a great tag match....Simon Sezz getting absolutely destroyed and brutalized by Ian Rotten in one of the worst beatings I have seen....Nigel McGuinness vs Jimmy Jacobs in a classic.....Chris Hero vs Alex Shelley in a fantastic match....JC Bailey defending the IWA junior heavyweight title against Jimmy Jacobs in a great match...."Anarchist" Arik Cannon vs "Kaos" Cody ONeill in a great match between two newcomers who impressed IWA fans and management....plus tons more. A great show overall and all proceeds from the sale of the tape go to benefit PJ Miller.

1. Ian Rotten vs Simon Sezz
2. Danny Daniels & Jimmy Jacobs vs Alex Shelley & Chris Hero
3. Mark Wolf vs Josiah Kain
4. Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz vs Yellow Jacket & JB Insanity
5. "Anarchist" Arik Cannon vs "Kaos" Cody ONeill
6. Corporal Robinson vs Purple Haze
7. Jason Lancaster vs Jared Lancaster
8. Steve Stone vs Cameron Cage
9. Adam Evans vs Trik Davis
10. Chandler McClure vs Justin Kage
11. "Spyder" Nate Webb vs Cash Flo
12. Nigel McGuinness vs Jimmy Jacobs
13. Carlton Kaz vs Jeremy Madrox
14. Hy-Zaya vs Simon Sezz
15. J.C. Bailey & Ian Rotten vs Frankie the Face & "Anarchist" Arik Cannon
16. Brad Bradley vs "Kaos" Cody ONeill
17. Shaq Daddy vs Josiah Kain
18. Kappa Tappa Kegga vs Simon Sezz & Hy-Zaya
19. Chris Hero vs Alex Shelley
20. Jared Lancaster vs Jason Lancaster
21. Hailey vs Ponchmagnus (Intergender Match)
22. "Poison" Apollo Starr vs Corporal Robinson
23. J.C. Bailey vs Jimmy Jacobs
24. Swiss Money Holding (Ares & Double C) vs Mark Wolf & Chris Hero
25. Ian Rotten vs Corporal Robinson - Fans Bring the Weapons (with bonus backstage footage after the match)