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IWA Mid-South DVD "Legacy of Violence"

IWA Mid-South DVD "Legacy of Violence"
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IWA Mid-South DVD "Legacy of Violence"

IWA-MS DVD "Legacy Of Violence"

This 4 disc DVD compilation highlights many of the death matches and infamous moments that occurred on events outside the King Of Death Matches.

1. Mitch Page vs. Mad Man Pondo [Mitch Page Head Incident] 6.24.00

2. Ian Rotten,Suicide Kid, & American Kickboxer vs. Hy-Zaya, Richard X, & Uncle Honkey [Richard X Fire Incident] 8.5.00

3. Corporal Robinson vs. Mitch Page [Lit Cigarettes & Hot Coals Match] 8.11.01

4. Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson, & Brent Blades vs. Mad Man Pondo, Mitch Page, & Jon Howard [Exploding Ring Match] 9.1.01

5. Ian Rotten vs. Mad Man Pondo [Barefoot Thumbtack Match] 9.7.01

6. Corporal Robinson vs. Mitch Page [Pool of Leeches Match] 9.8.01

7. Corporal Robinson vs. Mitch Page [500 Light Tube Match] 10.6.01

8. Corporal Robinson vs. Mitch Page [House of Horrors Match] 10.27.01

9. Nate Webb vs. 2 Tuff Tony [Light Tube Match] 11.24.01

10. Mitch Page vs. Mad Man Pondo [Fans Bring The Weapons] 12.8.01

11. Necro Butcher vs. Corporal Robinson vs. Mad Man Pondo 2.9.02

12. Dysfunction vs. Ian Rotten [Dysfunction gets beaten] 6.15.02

13. Mad Man Pondo vs. Necro Butcher [Necro Arm Incident] 6.15.02

14. Necro Butcher vs. Corporal Robinson [Drunken Deathmatch] 11.1.02

15. Mad Man Pondo vs. JC Bailey [Scaffold Match] 2.22.03

16. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten [Barbwire Bat Match] 5.31.03

17. Rollin' Hard vs. Mitch Page [Dog Collar Match] 6.27.03

18. Ian Rotten vs. Corporal Robinson 7.4.03

19. Mad Man Pondo vs. Corporal Robinson vs. Necro Butcher [Thumbtack Match] 12.20.03

20. Mad Man Pondo vs. Abdullah The Butcher [Wild Brawl] 6.19.03

21. Danny Daniels vs. BJ Whitmer [Dog Collar Match] 3.19.05

22. Samoa Joe vs. Necro Butcher 6.11.05

23. Brandon Prophet vs. Corporal Robinson [Razor Board Match] 1.20.06

24. Deranged vs. Brain Damage [No Rope Barbwire Match] 7.14.06

25. Masada vs. Necro Butcher 4.22.07

26. CJ Otis vs. Drake Younger [No Rope Barbwire Match] 4.28.07

27. Freakshow vs. Ian Rotten [Flaming Barbwire Match] 8.5.07

28. Drake Younger & JC Bailey vs. Six Feet Under [Drake Younger Thumb Incident] 9.7.07

29. Danny Havoc vs. Necro Butcher vs. Insane Lane 3.1.08

30. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs [No Rope Barbwire Match] 4.12.08

31. Sara Del Rey vs. Mickie Knuckles [Mickie Leg Incident complete & uncut] 7.6.08

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