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IWC September 26, 2015 "Aftershock" - White Oak, PA (Download)

IWC September 26, 2015 "Aftershock" - White Oak, PA (Download)
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IWC September 26, 2015 "Aftershock" - White Oak, PA (Download)
1. IWC Super Indy Championship: Dennis Gregory vs. Dylan Bostic(c)
2. Extreme Rules: Darin Dinero & Roger Corpo vs. Team VIP (Joe Rosa & Justin Idol)
3. IWC Super Indy Championship #1 Contender match: Alex Daniels vs. Andrew Palace
4. IWC Tag Team Championship: Bryan Castle & Jock Samson(c) vs. The Founding Fathers (Bubba the Bulldog & Super Hentai) vs. The Sexy Talented Dudes (Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic)
5. Dan Sandwich vs. Remy LaVey
6. Britt Baker vs. Ray Lyn
7. Jimmy Nutts & John McChesney vs. Team LaBar (Bill Colllier & Wardlow)

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