IWF June 27, 2003 - Detroit, MI


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IWF June 27, 2003 - Detroit, MI

1. "Loverboy" Steve vs. Gutter
2. Ryan Boz vs. Buddy Hanlin
3. Poison Apollo vs. Vortex "Fight For Your Spot Match" (Winner gets an IWF Contract)
4. Interview with Chris "The Fly", Dirty Tx Monroe, and Necro Butcher
5. DBA vs Lenny Lane w. "Flamin" Damon Starr
6. Interview with Joe E Legend
7. Double Tables Match - Corporal Robinson & Cash Flo vs. Adam Flash & The Messiah
8. "Alpha Male" Monte Brown vs. Jimmy Reeding
9. Joe E. Legend vs. D-Lo Brown vs. Colt Cabana
10. Streetfight Match with No DQ or Countout - Mad Man Pondo vs. Necro Butcher