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IWS DVD July 9, 2005

IWS DVD July 9, 2005
IWS DVD July 9, 2005

IWS DVD July 9, 2005 "Freedom To Fight 2005" - Philadelphia, PA
This is a historic show as IWS held their first ever show outside of Canada as they traveled to the famed "ECW Arena" in Philadelphia, PA for their annual Freedom to Fight show which saw the first ever IWS steel cage match between Franky the Mobster, Sexxxy Eddy, Arsenal and Evil Ninja for the IWS heavyweight title which saw Arsenal give Eddy an insane neck breaker off the top of the cage that must be seen. Other highlights include a fantastic match between Excess and Tomassino...Green Phantom and Kurt Lauderdale just beating the living hell out of each other...the rematch between Damian and Viking...Dan Paysan vs Kid Kamikaze and much more with all the IWS stars. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Peter LaSalle and Brian the Guppie,
1. Bloodstream
2. Dan Paysan vs. Kid Kamikaze
3. Excess vs. Tomassino
4. Beef Wellington vs. Fred Le Merveille
5. The Flying Hurricanes vs. 2.0
6. Green Phantom vs. Kurt Lauderdale
7. Damian vs. Viking
8. Cage Match - Sexxxy Eddy vs. Arsenal vs. Franky The Mobster vs. Evil Ninja

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