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IWS DVD November 20, 2004 "Born to Bleed" - Montreal, QC

IWS DVD November 20, 2004 "Born to Bleed" - Montreal, QC
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IWS DVD November 20, 2004 "Born to Bleed" - Montreal, QC

IWS DVD - International Wrestling Syndicate "Born to Bleed" November 20, 2004 - Montreal

The latest from IWS features a great 6 man elimination match for the IWS title...a high flying, hard hitting tag title match between the Flying Hurricanes and Dan Paysan & Tomassino...and speaking of hard hitting, Damian has the hardest kicks I have ever seen as can be seen in his hard hitting match with Beef Wellington....all this and all your IWS favorites on this latest release from SMV taped with 2 cameras and commentary by Brian the Guppie, Kid Kamikaze & Kevin Steen.
1. Bloodstream
2. The Latino Brothers vs Hell Storm & Crazy Crusher
3. Mat Classic with Micky French vs Frank le Vengeur
4. S.L.I. vs 2.0
5. Kid Kamikaze vs Hardcore Ninja
6. Damian vs Beef Wellington
7. The Flying Hurricanes vs Dan Paysan & Tomassino
8. Kevin Steen vs EXceSs vs PCO vs Kurt Lauderdale vs Franky the Mobster vs El Generico

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