Mad Man Pondo Shoot Interview (AUDIO)


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Mad Man Pondo Shoot Interview (AUDIO)

This is the complete Mad Man Pondo Shoot Interview, in MP3 audio form.

SMV sat down with one of the most hardcore wrestlers around today, Mad Man Pondo, to discuss his career. He talks about growing up as a wrestling fan and all of his idols. He discusses breaking into the business and why he went the hardcore route instead of traditional wrestling. He discussed the early days with Ian Rotten and how that helped to make a name for himself. He discussed the different promotions he's worked for over the years including IWA Mid-South, CZW, MAW, Juggalo and others, and we talked about lots of the wrestlers in those places such as Wifebeater, Zandig, 2 Tuff Tony, Suicide Kid, Backseat Boyz, Ox Harley (including a wild story about almost getting killed one night after a show), Cash Flo, Nate Hatred, Nick Gage, Lobo, Mean Mitch Page, Corporal Robinson, and many others. He discussed his relationship with porn star Bridget the Midget. He talked about The Insane Clown Posse and their shows and tours. We discussed the death match style and talked about some of the different matches and some of the injuries he's had over the years. He gives his thoughts on ECW and WWF. He talked about getting to work over in Japan and what thats been like. He talks about being on Jerry Springer and why he was banned for life from it. He also discusses his own talk show "Skulltalk". He gave his thoughts and stories on so many people including: Abdullah the Butcher, The Sheepherders, Joe LeDuc (a great story on his meeting with him as a teenager), Tracey Smothers, Cactus Jack, Onita, Mr. Pogo, Matsunaga, Jun Kasai, Terry Funk, The Sheik, Tommy Dreamer, Bubba Ray Dudley, Sandman, Axl Rotten, Tony Falk and so many, many more. Pondo loves to talk and he had so many great stories that the 3 hours just flew by. Great guy with a ton of great stories.