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NCW August 25, 2001 - York, PA

1. Mike Quackenbush vs Qenaan Creed
2. Bad Crew vs The Softcore Connection vs Love Bug & Marshal Law vs Doink the Clown & Buzz vs Blind Rage & Mongoose
3. Kid Kattrell vs Shipwreck Shane Shannon
4. Balls Mahoney & Ruckus vs Doomsday Danny Rose & Romeo Valentino
5. Salvatore Sincere vs Sweet Daddy Falcone
6. Dirty Deeds & Hungarian Barbarian w/ Missy Hyatt & The Gorgeous One (formerly known as Gorgeous George) vs The Butcher & Ran Zander w/ Dineen Mercedes - Hardcore Anything Goes Match with tables, chairs, fire...crazy
7. Jerry "The King" Lawler w/ Missy Hyatt vs Chris Candido w/ Tammy Sytch
8. Cage-O-Terror Match
9. The Sandman vs Adam Flash vs Dino Divine vs Redneck Billy Redwood - Steel Cage Match