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NCW November 23, 2002 - Red Lion, PA

NCW November 23, 2002 - Red Lion, PA
NCW November 23, 2002 - Red Lion, PA

1. Ruckus vs Nick Berk
2. "Mr. BET" Jermaine Jubilee vs Kid Katrell (Kid bleeds buckets)
3. The Backseat Boyz vs Bad Crew - Street Fight
4. Balls Mahoney vs "Shipwreck" Shane Shannon
5. King of the Hill Battle Royal
6. Mukie vs Ping Chow Lee
7. Adam Flash vs Julio Dinero
8. Kamala & Kim Chee vs Hungarian Barbarian & "Dirty Deeds" Darren Wyse vs Little Davey Mae & Dino Divine - Flaming Tables Match

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