Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview DVD


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Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview DVD

Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview DVD

Smart Mark Video conducted a shoot interview with pro wrestling hall
of famer Nick Bockwinkel. Nick discusses 30 plus year career. Topics
covered include his familys start in pro wrestling and his extensive
career in AWA. Here Nicks thoughts on wrestling legends Lou Thesz,
Billy Robinson, Ray Stevens and all your favorites during his time
with the AWA. Nick offers a unique perspective as he discusses the
1950s wrestling scene up to the mid 1980s. As an added bonus for this
DVD release we include two appearances by Nick in Mid American

Bonus Material

MAW August 22, 1998 - Milwaukee, WI

I Quit Match w/ Special Guest Referee Nick Bockwinkel - Billy Joe
Eaton vs. The Spymaster

MAW August 16, 2003 - Milwaukee, WI

Nick Bockwinkel In Ring Interview