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NWA Wildside July 3, 2004

NWA Wildside July 3, 2004
NWA Wildside July 3, 2004

NWA Wildside "Freedom Fight 2004" July 3, 2004 Cornelia, GA

1. Skeeter Frost, Sweet Dreams & Biohazard vs Brad Attitude, Jason Blackman & Scott Hotshot
2. Jenny Taylor vs Krissy Vaine with Salvatore Rinauro
3. "Spyder" Nate Webb vs Terry Diamond
4. Iceberg, Tank & Bad Attitude vs Scottie Wrenn, Bulldog, Pomp & Circumstance
5. Jason Cross vs Caprice Coleman vs Jeremy V vs Ray Gordy
6. Jerrelle Clark vs Angel Dust vs Jimmy Rave
7. Seth Delay, Fast Eddie & Salvatore Rinauro vs Brandon P, Delirious & Matt Sydal
8. Onyx vs Adam Jacobs
9. War Games Cage Match: Murder 1, Slim J, Gabriel & Altar Boy Luke vs Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman & Azrael with Jeff G. Bailey

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