PRIME October 20, 2013 "Wrestleution 6" - Parma, OH (Download)


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PRIME October 20, 2013 "Wrestleution 6" - Parma, OH (Download)

1. N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields vs. Bryan Castle, Jay Flash & Mark Andrews (w/Aiden Veil)

2. Nicki Valentino vs. Josh Prohibition (w/Chris Van Vliet)

3. Four-Way Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Gory
4. Bobby Beverly vs. Rickey Shane Page
5. PRIME TV Title Match: M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross challenges Matthew Justice (w/Marti Belle)
6. PRIME Tag Title Match: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen (w/Justin LaBar) challenge Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox (w/Vic Travagliante)
7. Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano
8. PRIME Champion Krimson vs. Rhino - and the shocking and emotional aftermath involving Johnny Gargano & The PRIME Foundation