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Model: 20071101pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 1" This DVD also includes special interviews, vignettes, personality profiles, and the bizarre story of the formation of The Socks of Justice! 1. Cut Throat Crew vs Virus & Virus Grande 2. Gregory Iron vs Johnny Gargano 3. John McChesney vs Matt Cross 4. Hobo Joe vs ..
Model: 20071201pwodvd
1. Socks of Justice of Justice vs the Clash 2. Cronus vs Marion Fontaine 3. Josh Prohibition & Johnny Gargano vs John McChesney & Matt Cross 4. Virus vs Morty Rackem 5. N8 Mattson vs Jason Bane 6. Josh Prohibition vs Marion Fontaine..
Model: 20080101pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 3" 1. Lexi Lane vs Sassy Steph 2. The Clash vs The Socks of Justice 3. Hobo Joe vs Johnny Gargano 4. Virus vs Gregory Iron 5. Cronus vs Ben boone & Bobby Beverly 6. Vincent Nothing vs Facade 7. Josh Prohibition & Johnny Gargano vs Josh Abercrombie & Marion Fontai..
Model: 20080201pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 4" 1. The Clash vs the Socks of Justice 2. V Squared vs Morty Rackem Shiima Xion 3. Johnny Gargano vs Colin Olsen 4. Vincent Nothing vs Jason Bane 5. Jimmy DeMarco vs Mathew Justice 6. Josh Prohibition & Johnny Gargano vs The Olsen Twins..
Model: 20080301pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 5" 1. Johnny Gargano & Josh Prohibition vs Matt Cross & Jason Bane 2. Mike Tolar vs Vincent Nothing 3. N8 Mattson vs Justin Idol 4. Mathew Justice vs Gregory Iron 5. Jimmy DeMarco vs Marion Fontaine 6. Morty Rackem vs Cronus..
Model: 20080302pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 6" 1. Gregory Iron vs Jimmy DeMarco 2. Josh Prohibition vs Horiguchi 3. Johnny Gargano vs Jason Bane 4. Justin Idol vs Mike Tolar 5. Lionel Knight vs Hobo Joe 6. Marion Fontaine vs Vincent Nothing..
Model: 20080303pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 7" 1. Ladder Match for Pirate Swords 2. V Squared vs Pirate Justice 3. Josh Prohibition & Johnny Gargano vs Mike Hutter & Jason Bane 4. Marion Fontaine vs Vincent Nothing 5. Jimmy DeMarco vs Hobo Joe 6. Cronus vs Tim Horner jr...
Model: 20080304pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 8" 1. Josh Prohibition vs Mike Hutter 2. The Clash vs. Pirate Justice 3. Mike Tolar vs Jason Bane 4. Vincent Nothing vs Jake Crist 5. Johnny Gargano vs Marion Fontaine 6. Ashley Lane vs Hobo Joe..
Model: 20080305pwodvd
PWO DVD "PWO TV Volume 9" 1.Contract Signing between Cronus & Jason Bane 2. V Squared vs Morty Rackem & Matt Justice 3. The Clash vs Bobby Beverly & Hobo Joe 4. Mike Tolar vs Chris LeRusso 5. Johnny Gargano vs Super Hentai 6. Josh Prohibition & Ashley Lane vs Marion Fontaine & Jimmy DeMa..
PWO DVD August 3, 2008
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Model: 20080803pwodvd
PWO DVD August 3, 2008 "Wrestlelution" - Cleveland, OH 1. Team Hobo Joe vs Team Clash 2. Neaveh vs Hailey Hatred 3. KISS MY BUTT MATCH - Marion Fontaine vs Jimmy DeMarco 4. Irish Nothing vs V Squared vs Pirate Justice 5. Ben Boone vs King Kong Bundy 6. Last Man Standing Match 7. Gregor..
Model: 20081011pwodvd
PWO DVD October 11, 2008 "One Year Anniversary" - Brook Park, OH 1. Jason Bane vs Matt Cross 2. Mike Tolar vs Gregory Iron 3. Josh Prohibition vs Bobby Beverly 4. Pirate Justice vs Irish Nothing 5. N8 Mattson vs Tim Horner Jr. 6. Also included on this DVD debuts of Aaron Draven, ..
Model: 20081121pwodvd
PWO DVD November 21, 2008 "Salute The Troops" - Brook Park, OH 1. Virus vs Matt Cross 2. Josh Prohibition vs Jason Bane 3. Jimmy DeMarco vs Gregory Iron 4. 'Amazing' N8 Mattson vs Bobby Beverly 5. Hobo Joe vs Benjamin Boone 6. Marion Fontaine & Noj The Wild Samoan vs Eric Rya..
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