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Prime Wrestling DVD "One-Armed & Dangerous: The Best of Gregory Iron"

Prime Wrestling DVD "One-Armed & Dangerous: The Best of Gregory Iron"
Prime Wrestling DVD "One-Armed & Dangerous: The Best of Gregory Iron"
Gregory Iron was never "supposed" to make it. Fighting the odds from literally day one, Greg experienced many hardships. From being born premature, to the discovery of cerebral palsy affecting the right side of his body, to a home filled with turmoil and abuse, to a series of concussions that threatened his very life, Iron had every excuse available to him to explain why he'd be unable to achieve his dream of being a professional wrestler... but he refused to accept any of them. Follow Greg's in-ring journey from young rookie fighting to simply prove he belongs, to his championship wars, and his rivalry & tag team with HIS hero and inspiration! Gregory Iron's story is one of triumph, perseverance, passion, and dedication. Now, we present some of Greg's best career matches as we trace his journey from unproven kid to handicapped hero!

1. Gregory Iron vs. Zach Gowen
2. Gregory Iron, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine & Jason Bane vs. Jimmy DeMarco, Josh Prohibition & Mike Tolar
3. Gregory Iron vs. Brodie Lee
4. Gregory Iron vs. Jimmy Jacobs
5. Gregory Iron vs. Johnny Gargano
6. Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen vs. Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson
7. Gregory Iron vs. Josh Prohibition
8. Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe vs. Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields
9. Gregory Iron vs. N8 Mattson
10. Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe vs. Benjamin Boone & N8 Mattson

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