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ACW DVD "Greetings From New York Volume 1"

ACW DVD "Greetings From New York Volume 1"
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ACW DVD "Greetings From New York Volume 1"
1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mike Quackenbush (3/11/07)
2. ACW Tag Team Championship: Drake Younger & Ian Rotten vs. Children of Pain(c) vs. Chuey Martinez & Hugh Rogue vs. Naptown Dragons (4/22/07 - "Sunday Bloody Sunday")
3. Bryan Danielson vs. Jakus Plisken vs. Scot Summers vs. Skylar Skelly (12/16/07 - "Lone Star Classic 2007")
4. Incognito vs. JT LaMotta (3/29/08 - "Delusions of Grandeur")
5. Tyler Black vs. JT LaMotta (6/15/08 - "The Realization of Mortality")
6. ACW Heavyweight Championship: Jimmy Jacobs vs. JT LaMotta vs. Scot Summers(c)
7. Sara Del Rey vs. Rachel Summerlyn (9/20/09 - "Evolution of the Revolution 2009")
8. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Scot Summers (9/20/09 - "Evolution of the Revolution 2009")
9. Jerry Lynn vs. Scot Summers (1/20/13 - "Guilty By Association 7")

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