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AIW "Best Of Veda Scott" (Download)


This latest best of from AIW features and is hosted by Veda Scott.

1. Veda Scott vs. Cherry Bomb (GNO4)

2. Veda Scott vs. Kimber Lee (GNO5)

3. Veda Scott vs. Sara Del Rey (GNO6)

4. Veda Scott vs. Courtney Rush (GNO7)

5. Veda Scott vs. Mia Yim (Point Break)

6. Veda Scott & Gregory Iron vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition (End Of The World '12)

7. Ladder Match: Veda Scott vs. Athena vs. "Crazy" Mary Dobson vs. Addy Starr (GNO8)

8. Veda Scott & Gregory Iron vs. The Batiri (Damn It Feels Good To Be  A Gangsta)

9. Veda Scott vs. Marion Fontaine (JLIT '13)

10. Veda Scott & Gregory Iron vs. The Jollyville Fuck-Its (JLIT '13)