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NYC Roundtable: The NYC Influence On Independent Wrestling DVD

NYC Roundtable: The NYC Influence On Independent Wrestling DVD
NYC Roundtable: The NYC Influence On Independent Wrestling DVD


What do you get when you take a legend, a controversial veteran, an out of control madman, and a member of the next generation of indy stars, all from New York City, and put them in a roundtable to discuss their memories of The New York and New Jersey indy wrestling scene over the last two decades? You get the next installment of the Smart Mark Video Roundtable series: NYC Edition!


This release would not be possible without the man we selected for the head of the table... New York wrestling icon HOMICIDE! In a career that has spanned nearly 20 years, he has been everywhere and seen it all. He not only experienced the evolution of the NY/NJ scene, but was also one of the driving factors in taking it to the next level in all aspects. Homicide has played by his own rules for his entire career, and fears no man, no promoter and certainly no wrestler. He made his name through his outspoken demeanor, and even more so by backing up every word in the ring. Whether it was Ring of Honor, Jersey All Pro, USA Pro, ICW or at home in the Doghouse, Homicide was the king of the mountain. For nearly 20 years, he's been feared but even more so unanimously respected by his peers and for the first time, he sits down with the Smart Mark Video cameras as part of our panel.


Our 2nd panelist is another guy who's no stranger to speaking his mind... Danny Demanto. The 'Cold Hearted Player' from Queens is another guy who rose up from a face in the crowd to become one of the most influential figures in NY/NJ wrestling over the last decade. Sometimes reviled, sometimes revered, but always controversial, Danny Demanto has worked for nearly every major wrestling company in the Northeast and over the last decade, he has learned how to play the game with the best of them. In this panel you will see a different side of Danny Demanto. Is he misunderstood? Is the reputation real? You be the judge as he gives his views and memories of the NY/NJ wrestling scene.


Rounding up the last two spots on the panel are two members of the next generation of NY wrestling stars. Both men grew up watching our first two panelists and have risen through the ranks to become the next stars of the indy wrestling world. Chris Dickinson is our third man on the panel, and in just a few short years he has risen to the top of the heap among indy stars. "Controversial", "out of control", "crazy" or as he prefers "dirty", Dickinson is the real deal and he like those before him fears no man and he will speak the truth.


Our 4th man, JAKA, has come along way in a short period of time as well. A student of the game, he learned from the best and is as hungry a young wrestler as there is on the planet. He gives the panel a unique perspective and helps us understand how a kid from the crowd was motivated to join the ranks of those who came before him. He has a bright career ahead of him, and he will share his memories and inspirations with you during this discussion.


We cover it all. All the big promotions, all the big names, all the controversy. Jersey All Pro with Fat Frank and his crew. Frank Goodman's USA Pro and all the wackyness that ensued there. Jac Sabboth's ICW, and everything else in between. We are proud to bring it to you in this edition of the Smart Mark Video Roundtable: NYC Edition!

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