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CCW Blu-ray/DVD July 2, 2023 "Scars & Stripes" - Los Angeles, CA

CCW Blu-ray/DVD July 2, 2023 "Scars & Stripes" - Los Angeles, CA
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CCW Blu-ray/DVD July 2, 2023 "Scars & Stripes" - Los Angeles, CA
1. Chaz Herrera vs. Jake Painter
2. Chris Nastyy & Gin Sevani vs. Brooke Havok & Daniel Torch
3. Kidd Bandit vs. Diablo Azteca (w/El Murcilago Diablo)
4. CCW Tag Team Title Match: Smoke Signals (Jose Hendrix & Wyatt 2 Shadows) vs. Alejandro Mauricio Fernandez & Phil Godfrey vs. The Stoner Brothers (Rick Scott Stoner & Scott Rick Stoner) (c)
5. Christina Von Eerie vs. Sandra Moone
6. Supreme Violence Match: Michael Krueger vs. Judge Joe Dred
7. Supremely Violent Triple Threat Match: BC Killer vs. Keaton Stoneburner vs. Lazarus
8. CCW Supreme Violence Title Match: Homeless Jimmy vs. Sage Sin Supreme (c)

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