Chikara Volume 2 (June 2002) "Bille Parka Bille"


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Chikara Volume 2 (June 2002) "Bille Parka Bille"

Chikara - Vol. 2 (June 2002) La Parka

1. Hallowicked vs. Reckless Youth

2. Beauty & the Beast vs. Zane Madrox and Mister ZERO (clipped)

3. Brock Singleton vs. UltraMantis (clipped)

4. Blind Rage vs. Don Montoya (clipped)

5. Ichabod Slayne vs. Don Montoya

6. Hallowicked vs. UltraMantis (clipped,)

7. Blind Rage vs. Mike Quackenbush

8. Ichabod Slayne vs. UltraMantis (clipped)

9. Mister ZERO & the Night Shift vs. the Black T-shirt Squad & UltraMantis

10. Dragonfly vs. Super Orka vs. Ninja Mexicano in a triangle match (clipped)

11. The Shoot Club vs. Beauty & the Beast

12. Phantasmo vs. Zane Madrox (clipped)

13. Zane Madrox vs. Phantasmo (clipped)

14. Reckless Youth & Mike Quackenbush vs. Mister ZERO & La Parka