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IWA Mid-South "2018 Deathmatch Daze Volume 2" (Download)

1. Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Rejects vs Young Dragons vs Miedo & Ciclope (1/27/18 Guardians of Hardcore) *unreleased corner camera angle*
2. Home Run Derby Death Match:Gary Galaxy vs Mike Roach vs Justin Storm (3/1/18 Prince of the Death Matches) *uncut roam cam angle*
3. Old School IWA Rules: The Rejects vs Gymnasty Boys (4/20/18 Candido Cup)
4. Gusset Plate Death Match: Ciclope vs Miedo Extremo vs Aeroboy (5/19/18 King of the Deathmatches Night 2) *uncut roam cam angle*
5. Old School IWA Rules: Nick Gage vs. Larry D (6/21/18 Revolution Strong Style)
6. No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Reed Bentley vs John Wayne Murdoch vs JC Rotten (6/23/18 Wrestlemaniwa)