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VOW September 13, 2015 "Lord of Anarchy" - Fairmont, WV (Download)

1. First Round "Thumbtacks to Infinity"/ VOW Anarchy Championship: Gory vs. Patrick Hayes(c)
2. First Round "Clockwork Orange": Conor Claxton & Eric Ryan vs. Super Beast & Tripp Cassidy
3. First Round "Playtime is Over": Derek Direction vs. Matt Tremont
4. First Round "Light Tube Prison": G-Raver vs. Masada
5. Semi-Final "Barbed Wire TLC"/VOW Anarchy Championship: Conor Claxton vs. Eric Ryan vs. Patrick Hayes(c)
6. Semi-Final "Triangle of Terror": Masada vs. Matt Tremont
7. Anarchy Rules: Angeldust vs. Brittany Blake
8. Lord of Anarchy Final