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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lowlife Louie Ramos in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lowlife Louie Ramos in H20" (Download)
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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lowlife Louie Ramos in H20" (Download)
Please Note: The video lighting is very dark for the interview portion of this release. 

H20 Wrestling: Career Retrospective Interview Series & Best of Lowlife Louie Ramos in H20 Wrestling 

"Since 1997 the world of Professional Wrestling has never been the same. When you think of the Northeast area of Independent Hardcore Wrestling you think of one name, "Lowlife" Louie Ramos! For 20+ years, from the doghouse to the H20 Wrestling Center Louie has made his name synonymous w/ Hardcore Wrestling. This is the first time Louie has sat down and spoke about his entire career! This DVD/DL includes (12) of the Lowlife Legend's best matches in H20 Wrestling and features the entire 4 Hour + Sit Down Shoot Interview! Louie is the heart and soul of H20 and I cant thank him enough for all he has down not only for H20 but the sport of hardcore professional wrestling" 
1. Sit Down Interview 
2. vs. Jimmy Lyon - Subterranean Violence Vol #1 (11/26/17) 
3. vs. Jimmy Lyon vs. Dan O'Hare - 2.) Subterranean Violence Vol #2 (3/14/17)
4. vs. Chainsaw Tony - Sweet Dreams (4/6/18) 
5. vs. Mitch Valle - Written In Blood (9/14/18)
6. vs. Drew Blood - Deathmatch Extravaganza #1 (10/20/18) 
7. vs. Crazy Ivan - 2 Tuff 2 Quit (4/26/19) 
8. vs. Amy Lee - Blood, Broads & Barbwire (5/4/19) 
9. w/ Whacks vs. SHLAK & Dan O'Hare - Subterranean Violence Vol: #5 (5/18/19)
10. vs. Casanova Valentine vs. Kit Osbourne vs. Jeff Cannonball - King of the No Ring FINALS (8/31/19) 
11. vs. Kit Osbourne - Mystery,Violence, Theater (10/5/19) 
12. w/ Casanova Valentine vs. Mitch Vallen & Jeff Cannonball - Deathmatch Extravaganza #2 (11/16/19) 
13. vs. Kit Osbourne - Subterranean Violence Vol: #666 (1/25/20) 

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