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H2O Wrestling March 14, 2020 "Hardcore Kingdom 4" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)

H2O Wrestling March 14, 2020 "Hardcore Kingdom 4" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
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H2O Wrestling March 14, 2020 "Hardcore Kingdom 4" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
1. 1st Rd: Cataclysm of Barbwire: Stockade vs. Jimmy Lyon vs. Max The Impaler vs. Mason Martin 
2. 1st Rd: Beware of Sharp Objects: Chuck Payne vs. Eddy Only vs. Kit Osbourne vs. Raven Havok 
3. 1st Rd: FBTW: Lowlife Louie vs. Jeff King vs. Devon Moore vs. Marc Angel 
4. 1st Rd: Buckets of Brutality: Mouse vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Drew Blood vs. Conor Claxton 
5. Tag Match: Ron Mathis & Tyler Voxx vs. Bam Sullivan & Aiden Baal 
6. H20 Tag Team Titles: Ryan Redfield & G.G Everson vs. (c) Mitch Vallen & Jeff Cannonball 
7. 4 Way HYBRID Title: (c) Danny Gallagher vs. Steve Sanders vs. Frankie Pickard vs. Lucky 13 
8. Hardcore Kingdom 4 Finals: Widow's Walk Scaffold, Light-Tube & Carpet Strip Ropes & Light-Tube Bundles & Doors 

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