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H2O Wrestling March 26, 2022 "Hardcore Kingdom 6" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)

H2O Wrestling March 26, 2022 "Hardcore Kingdom 6" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
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H2O Wrestling March 26, 2022 "Hardcore Kingdom 6" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
1. Mad Man Pondo Introduces the participants 
2. 1st Round: Triple Crown Deathmatch: Chuck Payne vs. Anthraxx vs. Alex Stretch
3. 1st Round: Death Down Aisle 5: Marc Angel vs. Jimmy Lyon
4. 1st Round: Taipei Fists & Stairway to Staple Gun: Ron Mathis w/ Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx vs. Dale Patricks
5. 1st Round: Pallets & Pits of F'n Pain: Bam Sullivan vs. Chris Bradley
6. 1st Round: Shit Storm Deathmatch: Drew Blood vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
7. 1st Round: Fans Bring The Weapons: Mickie Knuckles vs Lowlife Louie Ramos
8. Semi-Finals: Cylinder Iowa Vacationland Deathmatch 
9. Semi-Finals: "Pick Your Poison" Deathmatch
10. Finals: Triple Threat Elimination Steel Cage, Light Tube House of Horrors

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