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IWA Mid-South April 9, 2004 "April Bloodshowers 2004" - Oolitic, IN

IWA Mid-South April 9, 2004 "April Bloodshowers 2004" - Oolitic, IN
IWA Mid-South April 9, 2004 "April Bloodshowers 2004" - Oolitic, IN

For IWA fans that have been wanting their hardcore fix, look no further as the main event fans bring the weapons tag match was just insane. The 4 men in the match beat the hell out of each other with so much glass, light tubes and tons of other weapons that all 4 were bloody messes. A definite must see for hardcore fans. But this is definitely not the only reason to see this tape as top to bottom, this was another great IWA show with some hightlights being an incredible 30 minute iron man match between Jerry Lynn and BJ Whitmer.....a classic first time ever meeting between AJ Styles and B-Boy......Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Jacobs.....Arik Cannon vs Chad Collyer.....and much, much more. Another great IWA show. Taped by SMV with commentary by Dave Prazak and Ian Rotten.
1. Michael Shane vs. Adam Flash vs. Nate Webb
2. MsChif vs. Daizee Haze
3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Roderick Strong
4. Delerious vs. Nigel mcGuinness
5. Matt Sydal vs. Emil Sitoci
6. BJ Whitmer vs. Jerry Lynn
7. Arik Cannon vs. Chad Collyer
8. Mark Wolf vs. Danny Daniels
9. AJ Styles vs. B-Boy
10. Fans Bring The Weapons - Nerco Butcher & JC Bailey vs. Corporal Robinson & Wifebeater

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