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DVLH DVD "Drake & Danny Go To Japan: Part 2"

DVLH DVD "Drake & Danny Go To Japan: Part 2"
DVLH DVD "Drake & Danny Go To Japan: Part 2"

In 2011, independent wrestlers Danny Havoc and Drake Younger achieved what had been a years-long dream for both of them, by traveling to Japan to compete for "Number One Mortal Kombat Promotion In The World," Big Japan Pro Wrestling.  Per an agreement with DVLH, Havoc carried with him a flip-camera to record the backstage shenanigans and instances of culture shock that inevitably ensued.  Now, a mere three years later, both Drake and Danny have gone from wide-eyed, touristy newcomers to BJW regulars, each with several tours under their belts and a lifetime's more experience with robot toilets.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the long-awaited sequel to 'Drake and Danny Go To Japan,' which features footage from a handful of tours and a host of additional characters, each of whom add their own unique perspectives to what it is to perform in the greatest wrestling country in the world, and to eat the highly questionable sea creatures that country is happy to pry from the underside of a slimy rock and put--uncooked--in front of you as "food."  With a raw egg on top, invariably.  Featuring not only the aforementioned Drake Younger and Danny Havoc, but also the Sumerian Death Squad, Sami Callihan, the Fight Club: Pro (UK) crew, sundry members of the wXw (Germany) roster, the Crist Brothers, MASADA, and the BJW locals, "LIFE IS A SUCKS" is a thrill-a-minute roller-coaster ride through the strange and confusing world of independent pro wrestling abroad.  

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