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LVAC DVD December 27, 2019 "Holiday Hang Out!" - Bethlehem, PA

LVAC DVD December 27, 2019 "Holiday Hang Out!" - Bethlehem, PA
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LVAC DVD December 27, 2019 "Holiday Hang Out!" - Bethlehem, PA
1. Kodama & Merlok vs. The Super Dudes
2. Cheeseburger vs. Kevin Blackwood
3. Molly McCoy & Rex Lawless vs. Kevin Ku & Max The Impaler
4. Tables, Ladders & Chairs: Ultramantis Black vs. Dasher Hatfield
5. Lehigh Valley Pierogi Championship Match: Santa Puf vs. Dan Champion
6. Orange Cassidy, Krist Worthless, Frightmare, Ziggy Haim & Green Ant vs. Jigsaw, Jeff Cannonball, Callux The Castigator, Tyler Murphy & Hermit Crab
7. Musical Performance by Perry Ellis & The Essence
8. Musical Performance by  Snowing

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