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IWC February 22, 2014 "A New Era" - Elizabeth, PA (Download)

1. Battle Royal for a shot at IWC Heavyweight Championship
2. Andrew Palace vs. Gregory Iron
3. Colin Delaney vs. Justin Idol
4. Asylum vs. Blake Morris
5. Al Snow & Jimmy Nutts vs. Team Big League (John McChesney & Joseph Brooks)
6. Ethan Page vs. Jay Flash
7. IWC Tag Team Championship: Knight Riders (Remy LaVey & Sam Cassidy) vs. The Sexy Talented Dudes(c) (Brian McDowell & Chest Flexor)
8. IWC Super Indy Championship: Facade vs. RJ City(c)
9. IWC Heavyweight Championship: Dalton Castle(c) vs. Winner of Battle Royal