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IWS June 3, 2006 "Un F'n Sanctioned 2006" - Montreal, QC

IWS June 3, 2006 "Un FメN Sanctioned 2006" - Montreal, Canada
1. Hardcore Ninjaz vs. 2.0
2. Max Boyer vs. Lionel Knight
3. Four Way Elimination Tag Match: Missionaries of Violence (Lufisto and Sexxxy Eddy) vs. SLI-USA (Jagger W. Bush and Shayne Hawke) vs. the Rock and Cock Express (Twiggy and Pornstar Juan) vs. Jake Matthews and Tomassino
4. Dan Paysan vs. Velvet Jones and DメVyne
5. Six Man Ladder Match: Kenny the Bastard vs. Kid Kamikaze vs. Chris Bishop vs. Crazy Crusher vs. Player Uno vs. Fred la Merveille
6. PCO & SABU vs. Dru Onyx & Green Phantom
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Beef Wellington and Viking vs. EXesS and PCP Crazy FメN Manny